I just figured out Frustration and it feels great! :)

I’ve been taught my whole life that when we get frustrated there’s nothing we can do so we’re supposed to get mad, or upset… But that’s because for some reason we don’t see what frustration really is. Its actually a sign that there is a bigger problem and we need to deal with something… also now is the time to do it. We wouldn’t get frustrated if there wasn’t something that we could do. The reason that this turns to anger in me is because I try to tell myself that I want to do something else at this point in time, or I tell myself that there is nothing that I can do… instead of realizing what an important feeling it is. Its a flashing divine signal from the universe, that this problem should be at the top of my priority list, and its urging me to act now. Unfortunately most of my life I’ve had my priority’s backwards. For example: If I am feeling frustrated with one of my kids. I have to ask myself what this feeling is really about, and be truly honest about it. Then I need to focus my attention on them at that time and ask myself what I need to say or do to feel complete and whole with them… if I start to tell myself that I won’t be able to do anything, or that I cannot make time to deal with it, then the feeling swells… This is the point where I usually want to shift the swelling feeling inside me to anger, because then I will be able to postpone dealing with the real issue… But, if I realize that this problem might be bigger than I think it is. Then, if I make time to deal with it whatever the real problem is(sometimes its pretty deep), and I make myself open and commit to solving the problem… Truly amazing things happen! The problem gets solved, our love grows, our friendship grows, our bond grows and it feels wonderful! What a great gift this feeling is if its dealt with in the right way… Why have I been taught that frustration is anger that comes from something we can’t change? Hasn’t anyone realized this… I’m sure other people have realized this same thing, but I just realized it and really wanted to share it… it was right in front of me forever, I just didn’t take time to understand it until now. I’m very grateful for figuring this out and I really hope it can help.

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