Thank you so much for considering me as your artist!  I appreciate you making the time to read this.  I’ll do my best to help you get a good understanding of me, without wasting your time.

In business, there are normally three things people want, bargain pricing, great service & excellent quality.  However, at the most, you only get two of these.  Do you want someone who’s committed to creating fine art on your body? Do you want a tattoo that fits so well it accentuates your body?  Or, do you want a bargain?  Quality and service are why people pick me as an artist, and constantly pushing the limits of these has made it so my tattoos are not cheap.

People choose me because they want someone who really cares.  You don’t pay me to go fast, you pay me to pour everything I have into every part of your tattoo.  I excel at helping a vague vision come to life in a way that compliments your body and your personality.  When done, my tattoos have a lifetime free touchup policy regardless of size, because that’s how long I believe your tattoo should last.

If you want someone who genuinely cares about your tattoo being incredible then you’ll love the process of tattooing I’ve created.  From the questionnaire; to the mapping of your body for the layout; from drawing to completion.  Also, if you make time to fill out the questionnaire and I don’t feel like I am the best artist for you; I will be honest and let you know.  Please understand this is not me being arrogant… it’s me trying to be honest.  I have a specialized skill set and realize I’m not the best artist for every piece.  If I can’t imagine a way to make your idea astonishing, I’ll let you know and I’ll do my best to help you find the right artist.

If you’ve had doubts about tattoo artists doing an excellent job with your idea, or if you’re uncertain you’ll ever find the right person to trust bringing your large scale tattoo vision to life… You’ll feel surprisingly comfortable working with me and my tattooing process.  If what I’ve said resonates with you then I look forward to hearing about you and working with you.

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    People choose me because they want someone who really cares

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