Love in Waves

Surfing has just taught me an important lesson about love. I realized that feelings of love come in waves. In the beginning of our relationship we tried to never let one of those waves pass. As time passes by for some reason we still notice every time one of those feeling come, but often times we put them off because we tell ourselves we don’t have enough time right now… but the feelings are waves… so if we put them off they wont be here later. When we have an urge to touch, hold, hug, kiss, or love these feelings are a wonderful wave, and that wave is a a gift. If we let them pass by and tell ourselves, “after we clean the house, then we’ll act on that feeling.” Many times we will deal with the disappointment that the wave is gone now. In the beginning of our relationships we didn’t let those urges to love pass by… we caught all of those wonderful waves, almost every time! The feelings were so powerful and frequent we thought that they were always present. But what happened was we just acted on those feelings so much that the waves came more frequently. But now that I’ve realized this wonderful fact of love, we are not letting the waves pass by… And by not letting them pass, and receiving them as gifts, they are becoming more frequent again. The wave won’t wait, but the cleaning will. There will always be something that can wait, while we catch this amazing gift of a wave… thank you wonderful ocean for helping me to realize such a valuable lesson! And a special thanks to the most wonderful woman for riding the most wonderful waves of love imaginable with me! Pura Vida!

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